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If you are a customer with a question or an inquiry, please e-mail us at

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There are two ways to think about My Russian Deal:

1. As the name implies, we focus on deals!

On weekdays we bring unique daily deals to the Russian and Jewish communities in the United States and beyond. We directly negotiate with merchants to get these incredible discounts on all the things that Russians love. Every day brings a new deal! Every day generates buzz and excitement!

2. We also strongly believe in charities!

On weekends we will e-mail you about a charity that matters to our community. We will share a unique story of the organization or family that needs your help. And we will be immensely grateful if you could make a small contribution.

Thus, we come full circle! Merchants give discounts to customers. Customers, on their end, have an opportunity to give back by supporting charities. This is what My Russian Deal is all about…