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My Russian Deal Recommends: New Discovery – Bandelettes!

~ Elastic lace bands with non-slip silicone!

~ No more skin-to-skin rubbing!

~ Perfect on any occasion, on the go, or everyday use!

~ Be comfortable anytime, anywhere!

~ Wear bandelettes!

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Does thigh rubbing make you dread wearing skirts and dresses in the summer? Ever feel jealous of people who don’t know what thigh chafing is? Fear no more! There is a glamorous solution for an unpleasant problem:

My Russian Deal Recommends: New Discovery – Bandelettes!

  • About Bandelettes:

- Elastic Lace Thigh Bands with non-slip silicone prevent skin-to-skin rubbing in the summer.

- No more chub rub, no more irritation, no more pain.

- Design is so hot – no one will know the true reason for wearing bandelettes.

  • More Specifically:

- Bandelettes are elastic lace bands 5.5”- 6” wide that protect inner thighs from skin-to-skin rubbing. Non-slip silicone backing prevents bandelettes from slipping and moving.

- Bandelettes are a great alternative to thigh high tights for those who want to achieve a sexy look in the summer time.

- Bandelettes are new layered lacy accessories for booty shorts and skirts.

- Bandelettes are sold in different sizes and colors.

- Spring and summer 2013 trends bet on lace taking over fashion accessories and garments. Bandelettes will help you stay comfortable and fashionable at the same time.

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