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$29 for Body Language Revealed or Dating Revealed Class ($99 Value)

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Body Language Revealed

64 East 4th Street,
New York, NY 1003

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$29 for Body Language Revealed or Dating Revealed Workshop ($99 Value)

  • About the Company:

In the past five years Body Language Revealed has helped hundreds of people. Those who have applied its methods have described feeling a tremendous increase in confidence within just a week of working with the company’s professionals.

Improve your body language and the way people look at you, how they speak to you, and even how they feel about you! Because our subconscious mind picks up on the right nonverbal cues, you begin to elicit a positive reaction from others.

  • About Body Language Revealed Class:

This 3-HOUR interactive workshop will change the way you socialize forever!

Every part of the human body reveals intimate details about who we are, what we think, and how we feel. The way we stand, our tone of voice, and how expressive we are with our hands divulge far more than we realize. During this 3-hour class you’ll learn what body language is and how to easily read others. You’ll walk away with the ability to decipher when someone’s lying to you or extremely attracted to you. You’ll also learn what your body language reveals about you and how you can change it for the better.

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  • About Dating Revealed Class:

This 3-HOUR class will transform your dating life!

Knowing how to read what your date thinks and feels without him or her telling you is an incredibly powerful tool. Besides learning to decipher your date’s body language, this 3-hour course takes you step-by-step through a comprehensive process to facilitate finding your ideal partner. You’ll learn the answers to the most commonly asked dating questions as well as how to nurture and develop any long-term relationship.

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- “Body Language Revealed focuses on a crucial aspect of attracting sensational fulfilling relationships. When you feel comfortable in your own skin, you exude confidence and ease and that is what people want to be around.” Lindsay C.

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