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Deal Details:

  • One voucher (1 week) per customer
  • May purchase several as gifts
  • New customers only
  • Child’s medical form required by start date
  • Valid for children ages 2 through 5
  • Valid for Fall 2013
  • Holiday weeks (when schools closed) excluded
  • Expiration date: June 1, 2014

Deal Highlights:

Buratino International Day Care: $125 for 1 Week ($190 Value)

  • Conducted in Russian and English
  • Homemade meals
  • Games, dancing, and yoga
  • Arts and crafts projects
  • Interactive English, Math, and Science lessons
  • … and much much more!

Please call (718) 368-2113 to find out more!

The Company

Buratino International Day Care
(718) 368-2113

2962 Brighton 1 Street,
Brooklyn, NY 11235

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  • About the Deal:

Buratino International Day Care: $125 for 1 Week ($190 Value)

Conducted in Russian and English! Please call (718) 368-2113 to find out more!

  • About Age Groups:

Group size ranges from 10 children (ages 2-3) to 12 children (group 3-4) to 17 children (ages 4-5).

  • About Buratino International Day Care:

Buratino’s welcoming atmosphere and nurturing environment offers children a stimulating curriculum with a range of creative and educational age-appropriate activities. Buratino Day Care’s philosophy stresses the importance of inventive and imaginative play, while providing enriching surroundings, equipped with an abundance of motivational and inspiring resources that promote learning. Qualified and dedicated staff empowers children with freedom to explore, play and experiment as they please.

Buratino Day Care’s mission is to optimize each child’s development in a fostering, didactic setting, while offering them an opportunity to be empowered with self-assurance and confidence, which are so fundamental to the learning experience.

  • About the Schedule:

The daily schedule begins with a morning exercise involving stretching and dance movements, with a children’s yoga session offered to the older bracket (ages 4-5). This is followed by calendar lessons and hands-on exercise in various core subjects such as English, Math and Science. The morning schedule concludes with circle time and “reading out aloud”. After rest time, children participate in an assortment of games to stimulate creativity, cooperation and collaboration. Afterwards, they are engaged in various arts & crafts projects.

Buratino Day Care provides children with delicious homemade meals cooked on the premises daily. When weather permits, children play outside in the backyard twice a day. Most importantly, your children will be surrounded by a warm and caring environment nurtured by qualified staff.

  • What Others Are Saying:

- “My son graduated two years ago and now only stays at this day care for the summer. So far, it is great as it was years ago. The food is cooked on site and it is very tasty. I paid extra for him to go on trips and he loves them. It is a lot cheaper than a camp and I like the staff and feel much more comfortable with him being there than sending him to a camp. We live far and I am saddened that I cannot sign him up to attend the after school program here. So after a few more weeks we won’t be returning until the next summer. I would definitely recommend this place!” Vlada K.

- “Awesome!!!! That is all I have to say. The staff is super attentive and loving. When you walk into the day care it feels very warm and home like, which is what I’d like for my kids. Food is excellent and adds variety to the kids from the typical standard “school” meals. Holiday shows and acts (also done by the staff) are incredible! All kids have a role and participate in every event to show their parents the word they’ve done. Couldn’t ask for more “home like” place." Yev M.

- “I like everything about this day care! It is very cute and cozy. Warm staff and teachers, funny projects and tasty food. My daughter loves going there. The owner is very polite and pleasant and is older than I thought. LOVE how they handle discipline, no screaming or punishment. Kids get time out time and learn to respect one another personal space and feelings.” Loren S.

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Please e-mail support@myrussiandeal.com