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  • Minimum 2-week stay
  • Expiration date: August 1, 2013

Please call (718) 916-4080 to book the camp for your kids! Mention My Russian Deal voucher and get 10% off!

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Summer Camp “Leader” at 10% Off

  • June 30 – August 25
  • Includes a Russian Program!
  • 10% discount applies to any number of weeks!
  • Save $44-$55 per week
  • See price schedule here.

The Company

Camp Leader

3023 State Highway 30,
East Branch, NY, 13756

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  • About the Deal:

Summer Camp “Leader” at 10% Off

- June 30 – August 25
- Includes a Russian Program!
- 10% discount applies to any number of weeks!

  • About Price Schedule:

- Save $44-$55 per week – see price schedule here.

  • About Camp “Leader”:

Camp “Leader” offers children the opportunity to not only have a good time, but to grow and advance. Camp “Leader” helps to develop life skills and leadership qualities, teaches the responsibility and autonomy; training in sports and a healthy lifestyle, helps children to normalize and have control over their weight. A unique pedagogical and educational involvement will be executed in order to achieve desired results.

  • Among Fun Activities:

- Swimming
- Various Sports
- Horseback Riding
- Canoe Trips
- Martial Arts
- Archery
- Shaving Cream Battle
- Chess Tournaments
- Hiking Trips
- Art Studio
- Dancing and Drama
- Fireworks and Bonfires

  • Among Planned Events:

- Neptune Day
- Pirate Day
- Carnival
- Day of the Miracles
- Joke Day
- Talent Competition
- “Summer Lightning” Game
- “Mr. and Miss 2013” Competition

  • To Learn About Russian Language Educational Program:

  • About Accommodation and Meals:

  • Camp’s Location:

Camp “Leader” is located on a beautiful territory surrounded by the scenic mountains about 2.5 hours away from New York City at Upstate, NY (near the township of East Branch, zip: 13756). The camp is equipped with a brand new, modern swimming pool, athletic game fields, our dormitory buildings are very comfortable with 4-bed tor 6-bed in a room; we also have a movie theater and a stage hall. We offer 4 home-cooked meals that we prepare and serve in our cozy children’s restaurant. The camp has a fully equipped medical station with trained personnel present working 24/7.

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