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FREE 1-Hour Tutoring Lesson ( Homework Preparation, SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT & Other Exams)

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  • (201) 873-0798

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Cardinal Points Tutoring

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Nervous about upcoming GRE or GMAT exams? Are your kids behind in their SAT preparation or school work? Meet Cardinal Points Tutoring, where a Russian-born tutor helps you navigate through complex exams and challenging homework!

  • About the deal:

FREE First 1-Hour Tutoring Lesson (no strings attached)

  • About the Subjects/Exams Covered:

- Mathematics
- Science
- English
- Essay Writing
- Russian Language

  • What happens after my first free lesson?

It is entirely up to you. If you like your tutor (we are pretty sure you will), you can sign up for tutoring sessions at regular prices (which are below market rates anyway).

  • What are others saying?

- “The three years I studied with Irina have completely changed my life professionally. she helped me patch up big gaps that I had in both Mathematics and English, prepared me for the GRE, and then mentored me all the way through graduate school.” Olga S.

“For us, parents, it was important that Irina helped [our daughter] gain structure and consistency she needed. Our younger son… also worked on his math and SAT preparation, and with him, she found a different approach that worked best in his case.” Boris B.

  • About the Director:

Irina Mashinski is a recipient of the Geraldine R. Dodge Fellowsip Award for alternate route teachers. She is a college professor and a former high school Math and Science teacher. She holds two teacher’s licenses and a PRAXIS Certificate of Excellence.

  • Contact info:

- (201) 873-0798