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$37.50 for “Death of a Salesman” Play in Yiddish ($50 Value)

  • November 6 – November 22, 2015
  • Castillo Theatre, Manhattan  
Starring Avi Hoffman and Daniel Kahn! Presented by New Yiddish Rep Theater! LEARN MORE HERE!


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Castillo Theatre

543 W 42nd St,
New York, NY 10036

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It is time for one of Arthur Miller’s best plays! This production presents it in none other than Yiddish language!

  •  About the Deal:

$37.50 for “Death of a Salesman” Play in Yiddish ($50 Value)

- November 6 – November 22, 2015

- Castillo Theatre, Manhattan  

  • About the Play:
Arthur Miller’s great play, “Death of a Salesman”, comes to light in the Yiddish language with this new and fascinating production. Avi Hoffman stars as Willy Loman, while Daniel Kahn stars as Biff! (Note: there will be English subtitles). 
This Off-Broadway production does justice to Arthur Miller’s Jewish roots, while preserving a great classic in the best traditions of Solomon Mikhoels! New Yiddish Rep brings us yet another splendid play!
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  • What Others Are Saying:

“Death of a Salesman,” its author, setting and subject: the business, and the agony of assimilation, are all Jewish. The play is only “universal” as an act of majority appropriation. It is an example of that poetic realism that was the voice of the second-generation American Jewish writers: Miller, Odets, Sidney Kingsley – a struggle between hope, confusion, aspiration and circumstance. Allen Ginsberg summed it up in his poem “America”: “I still haven’t told you what you did to Uncle Max after he came over from Russia.” David Mamot

  • About New Yiddish Rep:

According to the Theater’s Mission Statement:

"New Yiddish Rep is a theater laboratory on the front line of resistance against the extinction of Eastern European Yiddish theater. We aim to mine the artistic cultural and creative core of Ashkenazic theater and to infuse that essence into the body of present and future theater and theatrical practice.

New Yiddish Rep wants to catalyse and remix the energies of the master Yiddish theatrical community whose apex has already been achieved; the Ashkenazic and Yiddish speaking potential audiences whose familiarity with Yiddish theater is limited or naive; the new generations seeking a relationship with the past and significance in the present; the continuum of Jewish communities in addition to the Ahkenazic, and theater enthusiasts of every persuasion."

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