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  • Multiple levels of education for various age groups
  • Valid only for group sessions
  • Expiration date: June 30, 2013

Lessons take place at at 2119 East 15th Street, Brooklyn location.

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With this FREE Voucher:

$30 for 3 Russian Language Group Lessons ($75 Value)

The Company

Center Dialog

2119 East 15th Street,
Brooklyn, NY, 11229

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Center Dialog has one simple and noble message: do not let your kids forget the Russian language.

If you want them to read and write in Russian, as well as have an appreciation for Russian culture, then Center Dialog is definitely your place! At Center Dialog, you have highly qualified, experienced teachers who regularly work with bilingual children and are able to instill the love of Russian language and literature in them.

  • About the Deal:

With this FREE Voucher:

$30 for 3 Russian Language Group Lessons ($75 Value)

  • About 5 Different Language Levels:

- Toddler level: Age 3-8

- Elementary level: Age 7+

- Elementary level-2: Age 8+

- Advanced level

- Advanced level-2

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  • What They Say on Yelp:

- “An incredible place to learn Russian! I needed two weeks of intensive one-on-one Russian tutoring before a business trip to Russia and I contacted the Dialog Center. I was very impressed with the staff and especially the owner, Katya. Before choosing Dialog, I investigated a number of instructors and schools in New York. My instructor was dedicated and thoroughly prepared for every lesson. Before starting this school, Katya was an English teacher in Russia. There are three things that make the Dialog Center the best place to learn Russian: 1) The instructors give out their own phone numbers and are always ready to answer questions; 2) The school is very flexible. They will work with you to make it happen. Because of my tight schedule, I was able to schedule classes on the weekend. Before starting, Katya reviewed a number of textbooks with me to ensure I had the right lesson plan before starting the course. 3) They have a REAL school and classrooms located a block away from the Avenue U subway station which is very convenient. I highly recommend Dialog Center to any student interested in studying Russian because it is rare to find teachers so dedicated and cooperative”

“I’m glad that Dialog Center exists, since it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for my 11-year-old daughter, who hears Russian at home only once in a while and only from me (her father doesn’t speak a word of Russian) and thus she is bilingual only in understanding Russian, not in speaking it. Now that she started learning Russian at the Dialog Center, she can speak and even read Russian. I consider this a big achievement, and I’m grateful to Katya for her great idea to establish this school. I hope that the school continues to thrive.

“I’m so glad that we found this Russian school! The school director, Katya, helped us to create a language group. Anna, Russian language teacher, is very experienced and encourage children to try new things. Students show solid progress. We’ll stay with this language school in the nearest future.”

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