Russian Language Lessons for Your Kids at 30% Off

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  • One voucher per person
  • New customers only
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  • Multiple levels of education for various age groups
  • Expiration date: September 30, 2012

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Russian Language Lessons for Your Kids at 30% Off

  • 3 Options Available (see below)

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Center Dialog

2119 East 15th Street,
Brooklyn, NY, 11229

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Center Dialog has one simple and noble message: do not let your kids forget the Russian language.

If you want them to read and write in Russian, as well as have an appreciation for Russian culture, then Center Dialog is definitely your place! At Center Dialog, you have highly qualified, experienced teachers who regularly work with bilingual children and are able to instill the love of Russian language and literature in them.

With today’s deal, you can have lessons that are either individual or in a group.

Russian Language Lessons for Your Kids at 30% Off

- 3 Options Available
  • About 3 options:

You can choose a trial lesson (Option 1) and/or an individual/group package (Options 2 and 3):

- OPTION 1: $32.50 for 1 Individual Trial Lesson ($45 Value)

- OPTION 2: $220 for 7 Individual Lessons ($315 Value)

- OPTION 3: $122 for 7 Group Lessons ($175 Value)

  • About 5 different levels:

- Toddler level: Age 3-8

- Elementary level: Age 7+

- Elementary level-2: Age 8+

- Advanced level

- Advanced level-2

  • What they say on Yelp:

- “My daughter is 10 years old and she’s been attending classes in Russian Language Center Dialog for 2 months. Her skills improved a lot; before she couldn’t write, she didn’t even know the alphabet and used to mix Russian and English a lot, but now I see that she’s getting much better, besides, she’s really enjoying the time in the Center. The teachers are very educated and professional. We’re definitely going to keep taking these classes.”

  • Do you have questions?

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