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Sponsor a Passover Seder in Israel!

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As we approach the holiday of Passover, we will conduct our festive Seder meal and proclaim: “Whoever is hungry should come and eat.” Accordingly, Chamah will ensure that thousands of Jews in Israel will have a Seder to attend, as well as receive all the essentials they need to celebrate Passover.

  • About Mass Passover Seder:

In Israel, hundreds of people will take part in a mass Seder at the Chamah Community Center in Kiryat Malachi, joining together to enjoy a traditional Seder meal in a cozy atmosphere and spirit of togetherness. The Seder attracts many Russian immigrants, in particular the elderly and needy, who have no means to conduct a Seder on their own. The difficult security and economic situation in Israel have made this Seder a crucial enterprise.

  • To Make a Contribution:

Please visit the following website:

Seder Cost per Person: $32

  • About Passover Packages:

Chamah will be distributing Pesach essentials to 1,500 new immigrants, elderly people and needy families who live in Kiryat Malachi and southern Israel. Each family will receive a package which will include:

- Matzot (5lb)
- Wine/Grape Juice
- Chicken
- Fish
- Oil
- Eggs
- Vegetables

Total Cost of Package: ~$55

  • Watch the Video:

  • About Chamah International:

Chamah International serves Russian Jewish communities in Israel, Russia, and the United States, providing humanitarian and educational aid. Chamah is a 501 © (3) non-profit organization with headquarters in downtown Manhattan.

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