$19 for Weight Loss Packages with Israeli Home Trainer ($160 Value)

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$19 for 3D-Xcelerated and 10 Day Shred Weight Loss Packages ($160 Value)

Get Bikini Ready In Record Time & Lose Up To 10 Pounds in 10 Days!

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Express Home Trainer

There is a fast and easy solution waiting for you!. For $19, you will get 3D-Xcelerated and 10 Day Shred, two digital at-home rapid weight loss products. Get ready to melt off deserts and carbs from your body!

Nothing crazy here! Just two extraordinary products that will get you slim and happy!

  • About the Deal:

$19 for 3D-Xcelerated and 10 Day Shred Weight Loss Packages ($160 Value)

  • About the Products:

The benefits of purchasing 3D-Xcelerated and 10 Day Shred are vast! Users will experience more energy, stabilize blood sugar, rewire his/her metabolism, keep cravings at bay, turn his/her body into a fat burning machine, turn heads when they enter a room, and finally gain control of their life and health.

The packages include:

- 30 delicious guilt free meals

- A nutrition breakdown and exchange list to give users the freedom to build and customize their own meals

- A comprehensive shopping list

- Six 30-minute circuits that will sculpt and tone trouble zones, plus a free bonus circuit!

- A workout calendar to help users keep on track

- 10 Day Shred includes: 1) Detailed nutrition guide with 10 days of easy-to-follow menus and 2) 10-day cardio guide for maximum fat burning result

- A bonus MP3 audio track with a high-energy workout mix and Sima’s voice instruction for short but powerful HIIT cardio workouts.

  • About Sima Cohen:

Sima (which translates “Joy” in Hebrew), an Israeli immigrant, came to the states 20 years ago and quickly saw the declining health of the American people. Sima immediately set her sights on changing the way we eat, think and live, one American at a time, and she has dedicated the last 20 years of her life to doing just that.

As a trainer, nutritionist and life coach, Sima has developed a unique approach to wellness that includes a three-pronged system beginning with Self. Her own struggles with an eating disorder and bad body image when she was younger taught Sima how important “Self” is to achieving and maintaining good quality health. Through years of hard work and dedication to “Self”, Sima overcame her disorder, and has gone on to build a strong following that is based only on word of mouth, and on clients returning to sing her praises over and over again.

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Upon making the purchase, you will receive a voucher code. Please enter the code at checkout, after having selected BOTH 3D-Xcelerated and 10 Day Shred Weight loss packages. There are no taxes or shipping costs. Please redeem at the website below:


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3D-Xcelerated and 10 Day Shred are digital products – there is no shipping required! After you have redeemed your coupon code and proceeded through checkout, you should have received an e-mail containing the links to your product downloads. Please use these links to access your products.

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