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  • Sign up by September 10, 2012: pre-registration only (no commitment)

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Free Taglit-Birthright Israel Trip + $10 My Russian Deal Credit with Your Registration!

~Choose your 2012-2013 Winter Season Trip!

The Company

Ezra USA

New York, NY

Ezra USA Taglit-Birthright Israel trip provides a gift of first time 10-day trip to Israel for Jewish young adults ages 18 to 26. During the Winter 2012-13 season, Ezra will have multiple groups departing in December, January, and February.

Registration usually lasts only a week and is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Sign up today and be the first to know when to register!

Once you do, you will also qualify for a $10 My Russian Deal credit toward your future purchases!

  • About the Deal:

Free Taglit-Birthright Israel Trip + $10 My Russian Deal Credit with Your Registration!

Are you Jewish? Are you 18-26 years old? Are you ready for a 10 day trip to Israel? Do you want to go for free? If you’ve said YES, keep on reading!

  • Why Go With Ezra?

There are many different organizers to choose from, but there are even more reasons to choose Ezra as your trip organizer. Ezra USA was first and the only current trip organizer that in addition to regular groups, offers special groups for Russian Jewish Community, within which participants have a choice of groups with Russian or English guides.

Having done such trips for the past 10 years and with almost 13,000 alumni from all over the world, Ezra organizers really know their stuff! Ezra trips offer a unique combination of touring and sightseeing, learning about history of the Jewish nation, meeting Israeli peers, partying in the best Israeli nightclubs as well as multiple fun and outdoor activities.

  • About the Trip:

You will get to go all over Israel: from the North to the South.
You will discover the Israeli cities of Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa, Tzfat, Tiberias and Netanya. You will float in the Dead Sea, swim and scuba dive in the Mediterranean Sea, swim in the Red Sea, and go kayaking down the Jordan River. You will enjoy a camel ride and a sleepover in a Bedouin tent and climb Massada.

You will party at the best night clubs Israel has to offer You will meet Israeli soldiers (guys and girls) from elite units that will join your group for 5 days. You will feel at home and make 40 new friends.

Join Ezra USA for experience of a lifetime!

  • How to Pre-Register and Qualify for $10 My Russian Deal Credit:

1) Click “Buy” to download a free My Russian Deal voucher with instructions.

2) Follow the link to:

  • What Ezra Alumni Are Saying:

- “Taglit-Birthright Israel trip with Ezra is not just a free 10 day trip to Israel on which you get to see a new country and make 40 new friends. It’s a trip of a lifetime during which you find your true home and discover who you really are. Israel changes your life by permanently engraving itself in your heart and soul, leaving memories that never fade away.” Oksana B.

- “The best group of people, the best soldiers, best staff, and the best tour guide! Best 10 days of my life! I could not have asked for a more perfect trip than the one Ezra gave me.
I’m really missing everybody so much, because everyone in my group became like a family to me! I want to go back to Israel!”
Stella T.

  • To Qualify for $10 Credit:

You must enroll in Ezra US trip; first-time users only; My Russian Deal employees do not qualify.

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