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- One voucher per person per trip
- May buy several vouchers for multiple trips
- Cannot be combined with other offers or promotions
- Not applicable to Taglit/ Ezra Leadership programs
- New customers only
- Expiration date: December 31, 2012

Deal Highlights:

- FREE vouchers of $200 can be applied to any 2011-2012 Ezra USA international trips
- Average trip price: $1,400 + Air

The Company

website; (718) 701-1527

You are invited to experience the magic of some of the world’s most exciting destinations. This is a unique chance to see the countries of your dream, while learning Jewish history and meeting with members of the local Jewish communities:

Ezra USA trips are your gateway to:

  • Majesty of Moscow and St. Petersburg, with their Byzantine charm and regal beauty
  • Ancient Jerusalem and Masada, the party life of Tel Aviv, and the scuba-diving in Eilat
  • Tango spirit of Buenos Aires and awe-inspiring Iguazu Falls
  • Jewish Quarter in Prague and Danube river cruise in Budapest
  • Exotic adventures of Costa Rica, with canopy tours and white sand beaches
  • Great Wall of China, as well as the modern life of Beijing and Hong Kong
  • South African safari, in addition to Cape Town and Johannesburg
  • Historical cities of Spain: from Seville and Cordoba to Madrid and Barcelona
  • Romantic Fountain Trevi in Rome and enchanting gondola rides in Venice