Farber Ballet: Free Registration and $40 Gift Card (Ballet, Zumba, Tap, Jazz, and Much More!)

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With this FREE voucher:

  • Free Registration at Farber Ballet ($35 Value)
  • Free $40 Gift Card (toward classes or products)

Two Locations Available: Brooklyn and Staten Island

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Farber Ballet School

301 Seabreeze Ave.,
Brooklyn, NY, 11224

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In 2000, a famed Russian choreographer Leonid Farber founded a School of Ballet, with a goal of giving students of different age an opportunity to explore the majestic realm of dance. The school brought together those who are driven by desire to preserve the culture of Russian ballet.

Today Farber Ballet offers numerous classes that are taught by professional dancers from around the world. The classes range from ballet and tap to jazz and character dance. There are also piano, electric guitar and art classes. Every year Farber Ballet stages productions at various famous venues of New York City.

To learn more about the school or about the deal, please call 718-812-4391 or 718-864-1453. You can also e-mail at farberleonid@gmail.com.

  • About the Deal:

With this FREE voucher:

- Free Registration at Farber Ballet ($35 Value)

- Free $40 Gift Card (toward classes or products)

  • About Classes:

- Pre-ballet: Classes are designed to enhance creative ability, coordination, and musicality in the child between ages 3 and 5.

- Ballet: A complete graded system offering ballet techniques in the Russian method.

- Pointe: For advanced students only and based on teacher recommendation.

- Jazz and Tap: Classes are offered utilizing a graded system consisting of baree, centre, and flow exercises. Classes emphasize speed, clarity of sound, rhythm, and training in combination and routines.

- Zumba: Are you ready to party yourself into shape? That’s exactly what the Zumba program is all about. It’s an exhilarating, easy-to-follow, Latin-inspired, calorie-burning dance fitness party!

- Stretch Class: A class designed to establish a correct foundation in gymnastics and emphasize skills in strength, limbering, and tumbling routines.

- Collage Class: Teacher shares technique of creating fabric collages with children and introduces them to art, poetry, and music.

- Piano and Guitar Classes: Available for both beginner and advanced levels and suited to the student’s individual needs and abilities.

  • Two Locations Available:

- 1) Brooklyn:

301 Seabreeze Ave., Brooklyn, NY, 11224

- 2) Staten Island:

351 Sand Lane, Staten Island, NY 10305

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Please contact the merchant directly by calling 718-812-4391 or 718-864-1453. You can also e-mail farberleonid@gmail.com.