Thanksgiving Charity: $5 to Help Children with Cancer

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100% of your contributions will be used to buy toys for children in Israel who are sick with cancer.

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It is our hope that toys will put a smile on their faces and help them forget about their plight.

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Give a Smile to a Child

New York, NY

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Today is Thanksgiving and many of us have a lot to be thankful for. It is on days like this that we remember those who are less fortunate. Particularly – children with cancer.

These children have to endure what no child should ever have to go through. As the holiday season begins, we are asking for your help to put a smile on their faces.

Please consider donating $5 or more to buy toys for children with cancer.

100% of your contributions will be transferred to help these kids via Give a Smile to a Child project.

The Give a Smile to a Child project started one year ago, when a group of Russian Jewish young adults, affiliated with Ezra USA, decided that they wanted to make a difference. The group teamed up with Larger Than Life, an organization based in Israel which helps children with cancer and their families cope with the disease. Ezra USA went to work collecting toys, electronics, and monetary donations for these cancer-stricken kids.

Last year a group of volunteers from Ezra USA went to Israel, bringing with them 400 lbs of toys to personally deliver smiles to over 100 children in 3 different hospitals throughout Jerusalem, Israel. This year Give a Smile to a Child is working hard again to collect donations for toys that will put smiles on more children’s faces.