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A TRIPLE BILL BALLET: "Walpurgis Night", "The Wedding Procession" and "Harlequinade"! Tickets at 30% Off!

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GELSEY KIRKLAND BALLET:  “Walpurgis Night”, “The Wedding Procession” and “Harlequinade”

  • May 19 – 22, 2016
  • GK ArtsCenter  
  • $25 for Platinum Area Ticket ($35 Value)
  • $18 for Gold Area Ticket ($25 Value)



The Company

GK ArtsCenter

29 Jay St.,
Brooklyn NY 11201

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  • About the Deal:

KIRKLAND BALLET:  “Walpurgis Night”, “The Wedding Procession” and “Harlequinade”

- May 19 – 22, 2016

- GK ArtsCenter  

  • About Ticket Options/ Prices:

- $25 for Platinum Ticket ($35 Value)

- $18 for Gold AreaTicket ($25 Value)


  • About the Event:

GK Arts Center presents GELSEY KIRKLAND BALLET’S Mischief, Mischief and More Mischief!

Featuring Renditions of

1) The Wedding Procession by Leonid Yakobson

2) Walpurgis Night by Leonid Lavrovsky

3) Harlequinade ­– back by popular demand!

  • About the Three Performances:

Russian/Jewish choreographer Leonid Yakobson‘s The Wedding Processionsubtitled The Jewish Wedding, is set to Shostakovich’s “Piano Trio Number 2 in E minor” from 1944 and inspired by Mark Chagall’s art.

The Wedding Procession tells the story of the poor groom whose pregnant lover is forced to marry into a wealthier family – in front of everyone in the shtetl including the Fiddler, the Piper, the Rabbi, both families, and of course the town gossip. The work is set by Gelsey Kirkland Ballet’s ballet master Nikolai Levitsky

In contrast, the second ballet of the evening will be Walpurgis Night – the famed Bachanalian scene from Charles Gounod’s Faust where virgins, satyrs, Pan and Roman Patricians celebrate the festival of Bacchus and culminating in an orgy-tastic finale. This exicitng work features magnificent sets of Roman ruins originally created for New York City Opera’s production of Mephistopheles,as well as original costumes form the production. Originally choreographed by Leonid Lavrovsky, this rendition has also been restaged and choreographed byNikolai Levitsky and Vera Soloveyva.

Back by popular demand and rounding out the evening is the adorable 19th century one-act classic Harlequinade. Showcasing all the stock commedia dell’arte characters, the work features the mischievous shenanigans of the cunning Harlequin and his adorable Columbine, who is jealously guarded by her father who conspires to marry her to a rich fop.  

  • About Gelsey Kirkland Ballet:

Founded in 2010 by Artistic Directors Gelsey Kirkland & Michael Chernov, the Gelsey Kirkland Academy of Classical Ballet’s mission is to foster a rebirth of dramatic storytelling in ballet through our academy programs that provide specialized training for gifted students from around the world, and through the development of the Gelsey Kirkland Ballet, a classically oriented Professional Studio Company capable of creating and performing new and dramatic works. 

  • About the Artists:

Nikolai Levitsky (Choreographer) received his dance training at the Kiev Ballet Academy in Ukraine. After graduating, he toured with The Opera and Ballet State Theatre of Ukraine as a Principal Dancer and later for 18 years with The Leningrad State Ballet Company of Russia. He obtained his vast teaching experience at companies including The Mariinsky Theatre, St. Petersburg Liberal University of Arts, and Festival Ballet Theatre (Los Angeles, CA). 

Vera Solovieva (Choreographer) has extensive experience as a former Principal Dancer for 18 years of the Leningrad State Ballet Company. A Graduate of the Vagonova Ballet Academy Teacher’s Course, in St. Petersburg Ms. Solovyeva also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Dance Education. Previously a Teacher and Repetiteur for Eifmen Ballet and for Leonid Jacobson’s State Ballet Theatre, she rehearsed and staged numerous ballet performances.

  • About Your Voucher/Redemption:

Please bring your voucher to GK ArtsCenter within one hour before the concert. You will exchange it for the ticket in your seating section.

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