$30 for New Year's After-Midnight Ticket to PS 450 Bar/Lounge ($60 value)

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  • Valid for New Year’s Eve only (After Midnight)
  • Cannot be combined with other offers

Deal Highlights:

  • One of the best bar/lounge combos in NYC
  • Ranks in top ten among newly opened NYC bars

The Company

PS 450

450 Park Ave S
New York, NY 10016

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PS 450, one of New York’s best Bar/Lounge combos, is inviting you to welcome in 2012 at their New Year’s Eve celebration.

About the Deal:

$30 for New Year’s After-Midnight Ticket to PS 450 ($60 value)

About the Event:

Celebrate the New Year in style at the trendy and always delicious PS 450 Lounge. This hybrid bar/lounge vibe really shows on New Year’s Eve when you are able to see the perfect balance between nightlife venue complete with drinks and dancing, mixed with unique food that you can be sure won’t be found anywhere else. New Years in NYC at PS 450 takes the stress out of holiday plans and brings things back to a simple good time. The open bar and hors d’oeuvres will keep you going right up until that countdown hits zero. But the party doesn’t stop there. Explore the three different rooms all night, each with its own specific character.

About the Venue:

PS 450 ranks high atop the list of newly opened bars and lounges across New York City. The blend of environment, cocktails, and unique dishes makes PS 450 a place for any occasion. The enormous menu which spans the spectrum of lunch, brunch, dinner, and cocktails includes very distinctive dishes from breakfast items to grilled flatbreads, hand cut fries, sliders, and everything in between. Known, in addition, for its three different room types, PS 450 caters to the lounge lover, restaurant lover, and bar lover since they are all captured under one roof.

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