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  • Second Annual Israeli-Russian Film Festival
  • Sunday, December 11, 11:30 AM – 7:30 PM
  • Tribeca Film Center
    375 Greenwich Street, Manhattan.

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Option 1: $9.00 – Single film ticket (Regular Price: $15.00)

Option 2: $15.00 – All-day Festival ticket (Regular Price: $25.00)

Option 3: $60.00 – All-day Festival ticket including Cocktail Buffet Reception (Regular Price: $100.00)

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Israeli-Russian Film Festival

Tribeca Film Center
375 Greenwich Street
New York, NY

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Don’t miss the second annual Israeli-Russian Film Festival, to be held in Tribeca Film Center on Sunday, December 11:

There are three type of tickets you can purchase, all brought to you with the My Russian Deal discount of 40%:

Option 1: $9.00 – Single film ticket (Regular Price: $15.00)

Option 2: $15.00 – All-day Festival ticket (Regular Price: $25.00)

Option 3: $60.00 – All-day Festival ticket including Cocktail Buffet Reception (Regular Price: $100.00)

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SUNDAY, DECEMBER 11, 11:30 AM – 7:30 PM

Tribeca Film Center, 375 Greenwich Street, Manhattan

  • 11:30 AM

Weeping Susannah by Lina and Slava Chaplin
Israel, 2009, 48 minutes. Hebrew, English subtitles, Cast: Maya Maron, Zak Berkman,Galia Yishai.

A three-part mini series based on Alona Kimhi’s award winning bestseller. Emotionally disturbed Susannah lives with her widowed mother. The arrival in Israel of long-lost nephew from New York turns Susannah’s world upside down.

  • 12:30 PM

Resort Terezinbad: the Life of Vacationists by Svetlana Portnyasky
World Premiere of a documentary sponsored by AFRJ
USA 2011, 45 minutes, English

The Russian American Cultural Center is proud to present this documentary as a part of the RACC’s International Russian Émigré Film Program. Created as a “temporary accumulator” Theresienstadt ghetto, did not turn into a death camp only because of the liberation of Czechoslovakia by Soviet troops. The fascist myth of the camp-resort, the exemplary place of preservation of the elite of Western European Jewry was successfully reinforced by misinformation and staged documentary intended to show to the International Red Cross.Through the ghetto, which essentially became a concentration camp, passed 139,667 European Jews, 86,934 of whom were transported to extermination camps. To learn how actually looked like life at another hotbed of the Holocaust, how people survived in a state of catharsis, as in this state, worked and created masterpieces, this movie.

Q&A session with Svetlana Portnyasky

  • 1:30 PM
    Paper Snow by Lina and Slava Chaplin

Israel 2003, 98 minutes, Color, Hebrew/Russian, English subtitles, Cast: Jenya Dodina, Zak Berkman, Gal Zaid, Pira Kantor, Salva Kanchev
Best film – The Israeli TV Academy awards (2003)

Russian-born actress Hanna Rovina, a founding member of the Jewish theatre Habima that originated in Moscow and ultimately became Israel’s national theater company, embarks on a wildly tempestuous affair with Alexander Pen (Zak Berkman), a young self-destructive poet from Siberia.

This historical drama revealing the atmosphere of Tel-Aviv bohemian intellectual life of the 1930s also presents other literary giants, Avraham Shlonsky, Avraham Halfi, and Hayyim Nahman Bialik, all hailing from Russia. Paper Snow pays tribute to their Russian literary and theatrical background. In this way, the film focuses on the Russian roots of Israeli culture, emphasizing the importance of Russian Jews (past and present) to Israel.

Q & A Session with Lina and Slava Chaplin

  • 3:10 PM
    The Loners by Renen Schorr
    Israel 2009, 92 minutes, Color, Hebrew/Russian, English subtitles, Cast: Sasha Agronov, Anton Ostrovski-Klin, Tzahi Grad, Rotem Zisman-Cohen.

The fierce story of two Russian speaking immigrants, Glory and Sasha, the two Golani soldiers without family or friends accused of treason even though they pleaded not guilty and demanded a retrial to prove their innocence. After losing their basic rights to freedom and dignity, they found themselves at a point where there was nothings left to lose. The film exposes the hidden sides of these young immigrants whose true wish is to belong, to be Israeli.

  • 5:00 PM
    Yoel, Israel, and Pashkavills by Lina Chaplin
    Israel 2008, Documentary, 55 minutes, Color, Hebrew/Yiddish, English subtitles.

Israel Klachkin owns a printing press and has written and printed hundreds and thousands of pashkavills. Yoel Kraus has been collecting them for 20 years, and has over 20,000 in his possession. Yoel is the most authentic representative of the Neturei Karta, the radical anti-Zionist stream in ultra-orthodoxy. He has no Israeli ID card, no social security and no contact with the State. He is 34 years old and lives in one-room apartment. He has nine children, and he and his wife Rachel plan to have 22. Yoel doesn’t eat “Zionist” food. Rachel bakes bread and he has his own cow, in order to avoid purchasing milk from the Israeli dairies. Our camera managed to penetrate, for the first time, the private and intimate moments and to really get to know them.

  • 6:00 –7:00 Panel Discussion

Dr. Regina Khidekel, Festival Curator and Director RACC, Dean Movshovitz, Director of Film & Media, Office of Cultural Affairs, Consulate General of Israel in New York, Israeli film directors Lina and Slava Chaplin and Olga Gershenson, Professor, University of Massachusetts-Amherst.

  • 8:00 PM – Cocktail Buffet Reception (by invitation only)

The reception will be held at the Anne Frank Center USA located at 44 Park Place (corner Church Street), New York, NY 10007 (212-431-7993).

For full schedule of the day, please refer to the company’s website