$20 for $40 Worth of Food at IZBA Restaurant

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  • May buy multiple vouchers for yourself or as gifts
  • 1 voucher for every 4 people (up to 5 vouchers)
  • Cannot be combined with other offers
  • Taxes and tips not included
  • Reservations for Sat and Sun required
  • Expiration date: August 8, 2012

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$20 for $40 worth of food at IZBA restaurant

  • May apply up to 5 vouchers per table
  • 1 voucher for every 4 people
  • Maximum savings of $100

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Izba Restaurant

1895 Coney Island Ave,
Brooklyn, NY 11230

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There are some places that epitomize the very essence of Russian cuisine. They welcome you with impeccable caviar and numerous vodka flavors. They charm you with their rich selection of blintzes. They fascinate you with a homemade Chicken Kiev or Beef Stroganoff.

This is what IZBA is about!

  • About the deal:

$20 for $40 worth of food at IZBA restaurant

- May apply up to 5 vouchers per table
- 1 voucher for every 4 people
- Maximum savings of $100

  • How does this deal work?

This deal is great for both small and large parties. If your party consists of 1-4 people, you can apply 1 voucher and save $20. However, for every 4 people you add to your party, you can add an extra voucher (for a maximum of 5 vouchers). Hence, if there are 20 people at your table, you can apply 5 vouchers and enjoy the maximum savings of $100.

  • Excerpts from IZBA’s menu:


- Olivier salad

- Cocktail salad

- Seafood salad

- Neptune salad


- Herring with potatoes

- Cooked tongue with horseradish

- Basturma

- Tuna tartar with red caviar


- Blintzes (meat, cheese, caviar, mushrooms, or potatoes)

- Fried calamari

- Mushrooms with cheese


- Veal liver with sour cream sauce

- Lamb shanks baked with vegetables

- Chicken “Tabaka”

- Stew rabbit

- Schnitzel with mushrooms

- Fried telapia

- Stuffed trout with vegetables

- Seafood platter: mussles, scallops, shrimps


- Blintzes with ice-cream

- Blinztes with strawberries

- Cake of the day

  • What Yelp is saying:

- I come to Izba for every holiday and non-holiday celebration with my family and we always overeat. This isn’t even my grandma’s cooking, this, I imagine, is how Peter the Great ate.

- This is the sort of place where you hunker down and sit for the long haul. Preferably with a big group. Preferably with vodka.

- Izba serves an amazing food, their staff is very friendly, their prices are reasonable and their prez fixe banquets, especially the $50 one are really a feast. This is our place of choice for many family parties. The atmosphere is very simple, there is no stuffiness, and the food just warms your soul.

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