$20 for $35 Worth of Toys, Games, and Other Fun Stuff at Kid's World (Detskiy Mir) Store or Online

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Buy $20 voucher and receive $35 worth of products at Kid’s World (Детский Мир) in Brooklyn or online at www.internationaltoys.com

  • Free shipping on orders $50+

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Kid's World

605 Brighton Beach Ave.,
Brooklyn, NY 11235

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The world of a child can be so much more interesting than the world of an adult. That’s why Kid’s World is a store that never stops to amaze and fascinate. From infant toys and toddler games to the stuffed Cheburashka, Krokodil Gena, and Karlson, Kid’s World offers pretty much anything the child’s imagination can produce.

Take advantage of today’s deal by applying your voucher code either at the store or online!

  • About the deal:

Buy $20 voucher and receive $35 worth of toys, games, and other fun stuff at Kid’s World (Детский Мир) in Brooklyn or online www.internationaltoys.com

  • About the venue:

As one Kid’s World observer put it: “this store can satisfy the needs of any world-weary child that has grown up in affluent America.” Indeed, anyone who visits Kid’s World can hardly conceal delight. The store has practically everything: many magical toys chosen upon the recommendations of teachers, pediatricians and psychologists; a great assortment of fiction, school books, and developmental literature in both Russian and English; your favorite cartoons, songs and fairy tales – everything to help your child grow up successful and confident.

  • Getting a little more specific:

- Games and toys
- Books for kids
- Children’s crafts
- DVDs, CDs, and MP3s
- Art for children
- Kid’s clothes and blankets
- School and kindergarten supplies
- Souvenirs
- Games for PC
- Electronics

… and much much more!

You can apply your voucher discount to any of these products!

  • Where and how do I use this deal?

- If you would like to shop at Kid’s World store (605 Brighton Beach Avenue), please bring the voucher code you receive in an e-mail and present it to the cashier. You can apply one voucher code per order.

- If you would like to shop online at www.internationaltoys.com, please enter your voucher code under “Gift certificate code” field (right under credit card information) at Checkout. You can apply one voucher code per order.

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If your order exceeds $50, your shipping is free! If your order is below $50, you pay only $5 in shipping for your total order.

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