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Liberty Publishing House

(212) 213-2126

By now you have everything you need for happiness: a great family, a compassionate physician, a clever attorney. The only question is: where do you get your books? We might have a solution.

Liberty Publishing House specializes in publishing contemporary Russian language novels, poetry, history books, children’s literature, and many other genres.

Allow us to introduce Ilya Levkov, the founder of Liberty Publishing House who left the Soviet Union in 1956 (!). For the last 27 years he has selected and published the most prominent Russian, American, and Israeli authors. Among them are:

  • Eduard Radzinsky, The Life and Death of Tsar Nikolai II
  • Svetlana Alliluyeva, The Faraway Music
  • George H.W. Bush, Looking Forward
  • Isaak Mankin, My Jerusalem
  • Zbigniew Brzezinski, The Grand Failure
  • Richard Perle, Pentagon
  • Alexander Litvinenko, The Unpoisoned Word
  • Svetlana Alliluyeva, The Book for Granddaughters

And many more – for your reading pleasure, only today, at 50% OFF. For more information, please visit the website: