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$30 for Annual Subscription (6 Issues) to Children’s Russian Literary Magazine Malenkaya Kompaniya (Original Value: $59)

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We all want our kids to read in Russian, so that one day they can appreciate Tolstoy and Dostoevsky in the original! However, before they get to those literary giants, there is a children’s literary world out there that is like no other. Your son or daughter can become a part of it with Malenkaya Kompaniya, a Literary Magazine for Russian-Speaking Children.

  • About the deal:

$30 for Annual Subscription (6 Issues) to Children’s Russian Literary Magazine Malenkaya Kompaniya (Original Value: $59)

Shipping is included

  • What are the subscription logistics with this deal?

It’s simple! After you purchase this deal, please print out the subscription form (found on the website below) and mail it with your voucher to the address on the form. You do not need to send the check: your voucher is good for one annual subscription.

The subscription form can be found at:


  • About Malenkaya Kompaniya:

Malenkaya Kompaniya is a literary magazine for Russian-speaking children who are growing up in the US. Each issue contains interactive stories and poems for children, in addition to focusing on one particular literary figure, such as Agniya Barto or Viktor Dragunskiy. Malenkaya Kompaniya is published by CEKPET, Ltd., a non-profit organization of Russian parents in America, which also conducts contests and competitions for children.

  • What age group does Malenkaya Kompaniya target?

There are 4 sections in the magazine:

1) For very young kids and those who have just learned to read (age 2-10 y.o. approximately),

2) For independent readers (age 10-14)

3) For adults (parents/grandparents)

4) For the whole family.

  • What is the Olympiada associated with Malenkaya Kompaniya?

The Fourth Olympiada of Spoken Russian for Heritage Speakers will take place at Kinsgborough Community College on May 20, 2012. It is organized by the editorial board of the Malenkaya Kompaniya magazine and the American Council of Teachers of Russian, with the support of Department of Immigrant Affairs of Mayor’s Office. For registration and information, please visit the site http://detskiyzhurnal.org, click on the word OLYMPIADA and follow the links.

(Note: The deal itself is not affiliated with Olympiada)

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Please e-mail us at support@myrussiandeal.com.