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Mazel Day School Open House: Wednesday, February 27

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There is no need to download the voucher in order to attend the Open House on February 27.

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Mazel Day School Open House: Wednesday, February 27, 7 PM

  • New Location: 60 West End Ave, 3rd Floor
  • Grades K-7

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Mazel Day School
(718) 368-4490

60 West End Ave, 3rd Floor
New York, NY 11235

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Mazel Day School Open House: Wednesday, February 27, 7 PM

- New Location: 60 West End Ave, 3rd Floor

- Grades K-7

  • About Mazel Day School:

Mazel Day School is a child-centered, value-oriented educational institution dedicated to academic excellence and Jewish heritage. The school’s motto is “Instilling Love for Learning and the Joy of Judaism”.

The School’s mission is to empower students with the tools they will need as they embark on their Life Journeys. The school focuses on core subjects, in addition to enriching students with the study of Hebrew language and Jewish / Israeli history. The students also get enriched with Russian language and literature.

  • Mazel Day School on YouTube:


  • About Pre-School Curriculum:


  • About Lower School (K-5) Curriculum:


  • About Middle School (Grades 6-7) Curriculum:


  • About the Admission Process:

Mazel Day School makes admission decisions based on a number of different criteria. Confidential teacher recommendations, grades, standardized test scores and the student’s visit/interview are all considered.

Admission to the School is selective; the aim is to enroll a diverse group of talented, well-adjusted and academically capable students who will make a positive contribution to the school community and who will find personal success at the school.

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