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$25 gets you 2 tickets to Mehanata’s Ice Cage, where you’ll get up to 6 vodka shots per person (Original Value: $50)

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Mehanata Bulgarian Bar

113 Ludlow St
New York, NY 10002

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No doubt about it: New York can definitely get unbearably hot during the summer. In times like these, you want to escape to a place, as cold as Russia itself… like Mehanata’s Ice Cage.

This place is adored by Russians, Americans, and pretty much everyone else in New York City. If you are looking for a fantastically intoxicating and a truly Russian night out (and we mean it!) – this offer is definitely for you:

  • About the deal:

$25 gets you 2 tickets to Mehanata’s Ice Cage, where you’ll get up to 6 vodka shots per person (Original Value: $50)

  • About Ice Cage:

Wander down the stairs into an ethereal Siberian paradise, which features Manhattan’s only Ice Cage freezer room. With a Russian military uniform and a shot glass coated in ice, you’ll enter a room lined with vodka bottles and have your ultimate vodka moment!

As for the types of vodka available: you name it – Mehanata has it!

As for the actual party time, don’t even think about showing up before 9 PM, and more importantly – leaving before it’s four in the morning.

  • About Mehanata:

Mehanata is a Bulgarian bar in the heart of East Village. It is a frenzied embassy for world music, particularly from Eastern Europe. Come and enjoy weekly live performances by world-famous musicians hailing trans-globally, local gypsy superstars, beautiful belly dancers, crazed exhibitionists, and more. Cheap drinks, delicious hookah, wild dance parties, and good people are to be found in Mehanata!

  • What others are saying:
  • I feel like this place needs to be a rite of passage. I came a few weeks after my 21st birthday for the infamous ICE CAGE, which is 2 minutes of all-you-can-drink vodka in an extremely cold, well, cage. Did I mention your shot glass is made of ice and you’re dressed in Russian military uniforms? Yelp
  • This long-time Bulgarian favorite may have changed locations, but it didn’t leave any of its zany, fun-loving flavor behind. A large chandelier shares ceiling space with the dangling lace of discarded bras, and on most nights the eclectic crowd can catch belly dancers doing impromptu performances and brazen males balancing chairs between their teeth. CitySearch
  • Bohemian is my choice word to describe this place. We found ourselves invited to this bar having no idea what we were in for. I’m glad our night wasn’t ended before stopping here. Yelp
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