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- Deal includes 1-Hour Phone Interview and Complete Resume Development
- Up to 10-day scheduling period
- Expiration date: March 1, 2012

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- Resume writer with Yale MBA credentials
- Member of Prof’l Association of Resume Writers
- Worked with 1000+ Clients in various industries
- Placements include: Google, McKinsey, BofA, IBM

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My Resume Shop


You found a great job description. Your skills and personality are a perfect fit for it. The world would just be a happier place if you were to land this position. But alas! The prospective employer didn’t even invite you for the first interview… Same story over and over again!

It doesn’t have to be that way.

At My Resume Shop, founded by Russian-born Igor Khayet, you will get professional assistance and practical advice on how to create a distinctive resume that works. The writers are Yale graduates, who are in constant contact with recruiters from top firms, such as McKinsey, Google, and IBM. The resume development is customized for each client, based on his current and long-term career needs and aspirations.

Every resume is different because every job candidate is different. The goal is to write one that tells a unique story and helps open doors to a meaningful career.

“My Resume Shop transformed my resume from a generic job description into a compelling statement about the value I can bring to a company.” Julia S, JP Morgan Private Banking