Nasha Rasha - New Year's Party at Manhattan's New Russian Restaurant

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Make reservations by calling Nasha Rasha at 212-929-4444. Mention “My Russian Deal.”

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$250 per person for an unforgettable New Year’s Party at Nasha Rasha restaurant!

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Nasha Rasha

4 West 19th Street
New York, NY

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Come and welcome 2012 at Nasha Rasha, a newly-opened Russian restaurant in Manhattan. This promises to be one of the hottest celebrations in New York City, with delicious ethnic food, fine wine and champagne, festive music, and much more!

For only $250 per person you get to party all night long Russian-style.

Make reservations by calling Nasha Rasha at 212-929-4444. Mention “My Russian Deal.”

Here are some of the selections we thought you might enjoy at Nasha Rasha:

  • Salads and Appetizers

Olivier salad – famous Russian salad of potatoes, vegetables & bologna in mayonnaise

Vinegret – vegan beets, carrots, onions, peas, sunflower oil & potatoes

Kavkaz salad – tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and Russian cheese on a green leaf mix

Crab salad – Russian crab meat over green leaf mix, served with red caviar

Salmon tartare – salmon cured in vodka served on a Russian crepe

Russian sushi – lox, cream cheese, lox spread, cucumber, chives wrapped in crepe & red caviar

Mushroom Stroganoff – baked in a bun w/cheese served in creamy wine sauce

  • Entrees

Chicken Kiev – traditional Russian dish: breaded chicken breast stuffed with butter, pan-fried to perfection, served with buckwheat or mashed potatoes

Grilled chicken breast – served with buckwheat or mashed potatoes

Veal chop – Served with buckwheat or mashed potatoes

Grandma cutlets – cutlets, just like Grandma used to make

Beef Stroganoff – traditional Russian dish made with tender beef slices, served with buckwheat or mashed potatoes

Fish cutlets – fish cutlets filled with red caviar, served with mashed potatoes, grilled vegetables and a caviar dressing

  • Desserts

Blini with sour cream

Blini with chocolate

Blini with condensed milk

Vareniki with cherry

Vareniki with sweet cheese

Nasha Rasha chocolate cake

Nasha Rasha raspberry cake

Homemade Napoleon