Pearl Beauty Spa: Laser Hair Removal Up To 70% Off! 4 Options Available!

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  • Please call (212) 533-2101 to make appointment
  • Can buy multiple vouchers for yourself or as gifts
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  • Expiration date: July 19, 2013

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Pearl Beauty Spa: Four Laser Hair Removal Up To 70% Off

  • 4 Options Available
  • Can buy multiple vouchers per option
  • 27 West 8th Street, Manhattan

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Pearl Spa

27 West 8 Street, New York, NY 10011

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  • About the Deal:

Pearl Beauty Spa: Four Laser Hair Removal Up To 70% Off

  • About Four Options:

- 1) $19 for One Session of Small Area Laser Hair Removal – bikini line, underarm, sideburns, chin, upper lip, cheeks, etc. ($50 Value)

- 2) $29 for One Session of Medium Area Laser Hair Removal – target Brazilian bikini, lips, upper or lower legs, half arms, etc. ($99 Value)

- 3) $99 for Full Legs Laser Hair Removal ($199 Value)

- 4) $299 for Full-Body Laser Hair Removal ($899 Value)

  • About Pearl Beauty Spa:

Pearl Beauty SPA is a herbal rejuvenation center that is operated by certified professionals to provide excellent care and experience. Step into the luxury of Pearl SPA services with personalized care and attention to each client’s needs. This place offers numerous luxury treatments for your skin to provide a healthy and glowing body.

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