50% Off for Cocktails at RmFifty5 Lounge

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  • Expiration date: February 29, 2012

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Take 50% off when you spend $100 on cocktails! (Saves $50)

The Company

RmFifty5 Lounge

210 West 55th Street
New York, NY 10019

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It’s time to party, guys! Russian-style! American-style! You name that style!

Today’s deal brings you to the posh Rm.Fifty5, which is famous for an amazingly elegant decor and delicious, exotic cocktails! Bring your friends and impress them with royal drinks at the peasant prices!

To be a little more specific:

Take 50% off when you spend $100 on cocktails! (Saves $50)

The worlds of beauty, nature & nightlife fuse as Ric Addison, who brought NYC the widely popular time lounge, AVA Lounge & K Lounge, unveils Rm.Fifty5, located in the lobby of the historic DREAM Hotel, 210 West 55th Street. The lounge is 1,100 square feet of surreal luxury, designed by one of New York’s newest innovative designers, Jody Singleton.

The Neo-Gothic décor illustrates a sense of elegance, allure and sex appeal. Unlock the door to a surreal world of mirrors revealing modern sophistication in a luxurious sitting room furnished with a seductive mix of throne-like chairs, settees garbed in Louis XVI-style fabrics, hand crafted Murano chandeliers dripping with Venetian glass, and a wall-length illustration of a silver birch forest.

Rm.Fifty5 will entice your sense of wonder; You certainly will feel at home sipping delicious signature cocktails, as you settle into the comfort of a chaise lounge, fit for the echelon of New York City’s Nightlife.