MRD Recommends: Russian Samovar's "Great Gatsby" Party!

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  • 1920’s Decor and Atmosphere
  • Special Entertainers / Guests
  • Professional Ballroom Dancers
  • Vintage Photographer
  • Guest Bartenders
  • Surprise Performance from Valeria Entertainment
  • Gift Bags for Best Dress
  • … and much more!!!

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My Russian Deal Recommends:

Russian Samovar’s Jazz Age Soiree – “Great Gatsby” Party

  • Sunday, July 28, 11 PM
  • 256 West 52 Street, Manhattan
  • Make reservations at or call 212-757-0168. Mention My Russian Deal.

The Company

Russian Samovar

256 West 52nd Street

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My Russian Deal Recommends:

  • What:

Russian Samovar’s Jazz Age Soiree – “Great Gatsby” Party

  • When:

Sunday, July 28; Doors Open at 11 PM

  • Where:

256 West 52 Street (between Broadway & 8th avenue) Manhattan

  • RSVP:

Make reservations at or call 212-757-0168. Mention My Russian Deal. The Event is Invite Only. Guest List is limited.

  • What’s the Deal:

Get a free drink on the house for you and your friends with your reservation (mention My Russian Deal).

  • What to Expect:

A lot of young and beautiful people, attending in vintage clothes and costumes! Glamorous atmosphere and decor! Surprise performance and guests from Valeria Entertainment! Professional ballroom dancers! Champagne fountain and champagne tower (NOT the same thing)! Live DJ Liliya Moon and live music ( Jay-Z tunes from “The Great Gatsby” movie with the modern Russian spin to it)! Vintage photographer taking professional pictures! Complimentary fascinators for the ladies! Gift bags for best dancers!

  • What’s the Party Like:

Let’s get together to celebrate life!

Guests will arrive to a beautiful and elegant celebration. Liquor flows freely, as the crowd grows rowdier and louder. Guests get drunk in this atmosphere of abundance and festivity. Feathers, pearls and champagne shall consume the night! A terrific live DJ will be mixing and blending the 1920’s Jazz with the Jay- Z’s tunes of modern age. Wind-blowing moves of dancers will keep guests up on their feet.

All guests are encouraged to attend in costumes or fancy attires, preferably wearing 1920’s clothes. A nice dress or suit/button-down shirts should be fine as an alternative.

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  • P.S.: If you don’t know already, here is a little blurb about Russian Samovar:

Remember where Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw and Aleksandr Petrovsky went on their first date? You guessed it right – to Russian Samovar!

For nearly three decades Russian Samovar brings the elegance and warmth of old Russia to the heart of New York City. Conveniently located in Midtown Manhattan, amidst bustling theater life, Russian Samovar is a perfect place for a date, an after-show dinner, a birthday celebration, or any other festive occasion.

Treat yourself to an evening with red and black caviar, countless flavors of vodka, an entree with Chicken Kiev or Beef Stroganoff, and many other selections from the delicious Russian menu. Oh, and did we mention live piano, violin, and guitar performers? By the time you are finished with the feast, you will become an expert in Russian and European melodies.

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