Charity: $5 to Help Holocaust Survivors Living Below Poverty Line

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- 100% of your contributions will be given to Selfhelp
- $5 will provide $10 of support (through a prospective matching donor)

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For in the end, it is all about memory, its sources and its magnitude, and, of course, its consequences.” Elie Wiesel

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Our very first charity is dedicated to Selfhelp, an organization founded in 1936 to support Holocaust survivors seeking refuge in America. 75 years later Selfhelp is among the leading New York organizations, offering assistance and care to senior citizens. It remains the largest provider of Nazi Victim Services in North America.

Your donation would help support the Emergency Cash Assistance Program at Selfhelp, which provides emergency financial aid to Holocaust survivors living below the poverty line. Last year, this program helped support 675 people in financial distress who were struggling to meet basic expenses such as rent, medical and dental care, food, and clothing. While each grant was fairly small, the impact was enormous.

You can learn more about the program by watching the video:

The Emergency Cash Assistance Program makes sure that Holocaust survivors are not abandoned in the time of financial need. Your donation will make a tremendous difference in the lives of people who have already suffered enough during one of the worst chapters of the 20th century.