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- Expiration date: March 12, 2012

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FREE $30 voucher for a bottle of wine or champagne (or other liquor), when you order food for $50 or more

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Uncle Vanya Restaurant.

(212) 262-0542

With today’s offer, you receive a free bottle of wine or champagne worth $30, when you order food for $50 at Uncle Vanya restaurant in Midtown Manhattan.

In business since 1992, Uncle Vanya has the coziness of a cafe and the menu selection of a finest Russian restaurant. Named after one of Anton Chekhov’s plays, it brings the aura of old Russia into New York City. This is a place where New Yorkers gather to talk about art, gossip about life, and unwind to some live music, good food, and fine wine.

Here are just some ideas of what you can order:

- Bliny: Russian crepes with red caviar, smoked salmon, or sour cream

- Pelmeni: Tiny warm dumplings with ground beef and spices

- Golubtsy: Staffed cabbage rolls with meat and rice in tomato sauce

- Beef Stroganoff: Sliced beef with warm mushrooms

- Chicken Vanya: Special pan-fried chicken with homemade sauce

So grab your FREE voucher today and the drinks will be on the house next time you visit Uncle Vanya.