Wall Street Bath & Spa 88: Entrance and VIP Room for Two People at 50% Off

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Deal Details:

- Expires November 27, 2011
- Must schedule appointment / new clients only
- Cannot be combined with other offers or promotions
- VIP Room access for 2 hours
- No outside food is allowed

Deal Highlights:

- An offer for two people: Entrance & VIP Room
- Russian and Turkish saunas / “venik” treatment
- Authentic Russian cuisine
- Professional massage and skin care specialists
- Free parking available (for parties of 4+)

The Company

Wall Street Bath and Spa 88

88 Fulton Street
New York, NY 10038-2807
(212) 766-8600

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Russian Spa 88 on Fulton Street needs no introductions. A premier facility with saunas, jacyzzis, and swimming pools. A relaxing oasis with massage therapies, skin care, tanning, and body treatments! Not to mention an in-house restaurant with homemade Russian food and drinks.

Now imagine all of this in the privacy of a VIP room for two! Just you and your loved one enjoying personalized attention. After all those crazy weeks at work – a quiet and healing experience.

Some gentle music…

Just the two of you…

Think about it…