$20 for Deluxe PVC Waterproof Case for Apple iPhone iPod iTouch with Waterproof Headphone + Free Shipping ($59 Value)

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$20 for Deluxe PVC Waterproof Case for Apple iPhone iPod iTouch with Waterproof Headphone ($59 Value)

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Owning an iPhone is cool in itself! But who says you can’t look even cooler?

Today’s deal allows your to enhance your iPhone experience with a waterproof case and waterproof headphone! Normally at $59, you can now order them for just $20!

  • About the Deal:

$20 for Deluxe PVC Waterproof Case for Apple iPhone iPod iTouch with Waterproof Headphone ($59 Value)

~ Free shipping

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  • Includes:

- 1 x Waterproof Case Pouch

- 1 x Waterproof Ear-Hook Headphone

- 2 x In-Ear Earbuds

- 1 x Armband

- 1 x Soft Vinyl Strap

  • Product Features:

- Waterproof feature of up to three (3) meters at continuous immersion

- Secured snap and lock access will protect content from sand, water or liquid damage

- Universal size; fits iPhone, iPod, iTouch, MP3 and most slim smartphones

- Soft vinyl strap to wear around neck anytime; or using the waterproof armband for workout

- Waterproof headphone set comfortably fit in and round your ears

- Clear front window supports touchscreen functionality

- You can use the original headset or the included ear-hook headphone via the standard 3.5mm audio port

  • Product Description:

This high quality waterproof smart gadget carrying case is made of PVC. It floats naturally while in the water and provides protection for its contents against water up to 3 meters deep.

The product comes with built-in waterproof headphone jack to be used with the waterproof ear hook headphone and the clear view window allow you to make phone calls, listen to music, or watch video while in the pool or near water without worrying potential damage to your valuable electronic device.

The armband frees your hands for doing things near or around water indoor or outdoor. Either wear around the neck or on the arm, this carrying case is ideal for people with active lifestyle and appreciate quick access to their smart gadgets.

This is one of the best waterproof case for anyone who wants to use their Apple iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod, iTouch, MP3 or other Smartphones outdoors, at the beach, by the pool, on a boat or places where your device will be at risk of dust, sand or water damage. It is constructed from a durable and flexible water resistant vinyl material that is tough enough to protect your precious iPhone 4 or 4S from damp surfaces as well as surface scratches. It has a simple-to-use clamp closure system that keeps your phone safe and dry inside the pouch. It also has a clear front window that does not affect your phone’s touchscreen functionality.

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