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Whisk’s Two Free Rides Up to $20 Off! Apply Promo Code: MRDEAL

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  • New customers only
  • Offer good anywhere in New York City
  • Expiration date: February 18, 2015



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Whisk’s Two Free Car Service Rides Up to $20 Off! Apply Promo Code: MRDEAL

  1. Download the free Whisk app on your IOS or Android mobile phone
  2. Request a ride on demand by tapping Ride Now in the Whisk app 
  3. No cash necessary. All transactions are done through the app including driver’s tip.



The Company


New York, NY

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Control Your Ride from Your Phone. Whisk is a free app that offers you town cars at taxi prices in New York City! Download at

  • About the Deal:

Whisk’s Two Free Car Service Rides Up to $20 Off!


  • Whisk’s Mission:

To facilitate riders in finding and paying for car services through a simple app that utilizes geo-location and click-to-pay technology.

  • About the Company:

A New York-based company, Whisk ferries New Yorkers around their beloved city—including rides from LaGuardia, JFK, and Newark airports and between distant boroughs. With its sleek mobile app, customers use a single finger tap to summon rides from drivers licensed by the NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission.

The app also allows customers to track and get in contact with drivers prior to pickup. Using your smartphone’s GPS signal, the service determines your location and immediately dispatches the nearest trained chauffeurs. Whisk’s rates generally fall within 10%–15% of a typical taxi fare, and passengers often ride in sleek Lincoln Town Cars, Mercedes-Benz sedans, and palanquins borne by bejeweled elephants.

  • How it Works:

Whisk eliminates the uncertainty and wait time of finding a taxi. Please download the free app on your IOS or Android phone. Whisk‘s uses your phone’s GPS to instantly match the passenger’s location with a nearby driver, at a price within 10-15% of a yellow taxi. After the “Ride Now” button is touched, Whisk lets a passenger track drivers en-route, connect with drivers at pickup, see the fare on the passenger’s phone in real time like a taxi meter and specify a tip at the end of each ride. Whisk is the only service to offer passengers complete real-time transparency like a taxicab. Since the app also securely saves payment information there is no need to fumble with cards or cash.

  • Testimonials:
- This service made me feel like a big time executive on my recent visit to NYC. David Travkin
- Whisk did a great job! Our driver, Kevin, was fantastic! He gave us lots of tips, and was very kind. He even let me use his phone charger to charge my phone! This worked out very well all the way around! Lynn Shults

- Excellent service in Manhattan. Friendly drivers, prompt response. Great car service! Michael Nemtsev
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