$21 for Deluxe Wine Accessories 4-in-1 Combo + Free Shipping ($120 Value)

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$21 for Deluxe Wine Accessories 4-in-1 Combo ($120 Value)

+ Free shipping

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Never underestimate the art of drinking wine!

This wine 4-in-1 combo features an-award-winning design wine aerator, foil cutter, corkscrew and vacuum stopper. It is the essential set that every wine drinker should own.

Order your 4-in-1 combo today and impress your friends and loved ones with a fine wine-drinking experience next time they visit!

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$21 for Deluxe Wine Accessories 4-in-1 Combo ($120 Value)

~ Free shipping

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  • 1) About the Wine Aerator:

The aerator quickly aerates and filters wines as you pour them from the bottle directly without decanting. The aerator will mix wine with the proper amount of air so your wine can release its full flavor.

- Innovative design that allows hands-free aerating and drip-free pouring

- Easy to use by just attaching the aerator to any wine bottle

- Unique system that filters and aerates any vintage

- Fits all types of wine bottles

  • 2) About the Foil Cutter:

This foil and wine cutter combo makes it easy to open wine bottles in two small steps. The foil cutter lets you conveniently expose the cork and get right down to pouring business. Host your own party or entertain your neighbors over a glass of wine with ease and grace. Relax, sit back, and enjoy your wine.

- Foil cutter quickly and easily removes foil from bottles

- Easy to use and maneuver

- Classic style wine opener

- The perfect gift for every wine connoisseur

  • 3) About the Corkscrew:

This corkscrew is designed to give you a smooth wine cork opening experience with easy low friction cork penetration capability.

  • 4) About the Vacuum Stopper:

With the new Deal-Commerce vacuum stopper, just a few pump actions will remove all the air from the bottle and seal it for up to 10 – 15 days or more. The new vacuum stopper is small, handy, and goes perfectly with wine or olive bottles.

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