The 11th National Russian Shabbaton Weekend!

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  • Expiration date: February 21, 2020

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11th Annual National Russian Shabbaton: Choose Your Discount!

  • Februaty 28th thru March 1, 2020
  • At the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Stamford CT 
  • Discounts for Singles and Couples!
  • Students enjoy a discounted price of $250!

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2701 Summer Street,
Stamford, Connecticut 06905

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The 11th Annual National Russian Shabbaton is now one of the largest events for Russian Speaking Jews in North America!

You don’t want to miss this opportunity to join 1,200 participants for a weekend of fine dining, world-class entertainment, and over 70 lectures in Russian and English by prominent scholars, community leaders, businessmen, and media personalities, at the luxurious Crowne Plaza Hotel in Stamford, CT.

  • About the Deal:

National Russian Shabbaton: Choose Your Adventure, Choose Your Discount!

WHODiscounts for Singles and Couples! 

WHO ELSE? Students enjoy a discounted price of $250!

WHAT? 11th annual National Russian Shabbaton

WHENFebruaty 28th thru March 1, 2020

WHEREAt the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Stamford CT 

HOWClick to download Your FREE CODE and redeem it on RUSSIAN SHABBATON’S WEBSITE!  


- Watch Last Year’s Shabbaton Video to see what all the hype is about HERE!

- Watch Video About Two Happy Couples Who Met at Shabbaton: HERE!

  •  To Redeem Your Code:

Click GRAB NOW To Download Your FREE CODE and redeem it on RUSSIAN SHABBATON’S WEBSITE! 

  • About the Program:
Expand your knowledge! Ignite your soul! Connect to your roots! 
Experience the beauty of Shabbat! 
Form lasting bonds! Be pampered in luxury! Treat yourself! 
Experience The 11th Annual National Russian Shabbaton!

For the 11th consecutive year, Chamah has partnered with the Lubavitch Youth Organization to host the National Russian Shabbaton at the luxurious Crowne Plaza Hotel in Stamford, Connecticut. This February 28th through March 1st, over 1,200 participants from across fourteen states, Canada, and Russia, will gather at what has become the single largest event uniting the Russian Jewish Community in the United States. 

Curious about Torah? Talmud? Jewish Life and Learning? Or just want to relax for a weekend in a stimulating and unique environment with like minded people?
National Russian Shabbaton has got you covered. 

Have kids? Bring the whole family! Our Free fun-filled educational Children’s Day Camp allows parents to relax, rejuvenate, and participate in all Shabbaton has to offer. FREE Baby-sitting for the little ones, it’s on us!

Single? No worries, we’ll help you find your soul-mate at Shabbaton.

With two Mixing and Mingling events just for Singles, and personal one on one sessions with renowned matchmaker Chana Raskin, you’ll be with your soulmate in no time.

Eat all you can at our All You Can Eat gourmet kosher meal buffets! Serving more food than you’ll know what to do with 8 times a day, plus refreshments in between!

Your Reservation For Shabbaton Includes: 

◊ Gourmet Fine Dining ◊
◊ 70 Lectures in Russian and English ◊
◊ 40 Workshops and Interactive Activities ◊
◊ Babysitting and Children’s Day Camp ◊
◊ Special Programming for Teens, Students, and Singles ◊
◊ Massive Russian-Language Book Sale ◊
and so much more!

Curious About Our Star-Studded Entertainment and Keynote Speakers?
Our Action Packed Weekend Includes Highly-Acclaimed Speakers in both English and in Russian: 

✔ Keynote Speaker: Danni Dayan, Consul General of Israel to the US

Eduard Shifrin, PhD Author of From Infinity to Man: Basic Ideas of Kabbalah in Terms of Information Theory and Quantum Physics  (England)

✔ Rabbi Y.Y. Jacobson One of the most mesmerizing communicators and Torah scholars

✔ David Sacks Hollywood producer and screenwriter of The Simpsons, Emmy & Golden Globe Awardee

 Rabbi Manis Friedman Famous lecturer, philosopher, author of The Joy of Intimacy   

 Myron Sugarmen  Nazi-hunter, Author of the autobiography Chronicles of the Last Jewish Gangster  

✔ Arsen Peremyer Successful serial entrepreneur, technology visionary and expert on scaling tech companies

✔ Esther Ofengenden  Acclaimed Family and Child Psychologist, Lecturer on Jewish Philosophy (Israel)  

✔ Nadia Lipes Jewish genealogy researcher and historian (Portugal) 

✔ Dr. Simcha Leibovich International expert on leadership development, head of WZO in North America  

 Ari Kagan Popular Russian-language TV and radio host, Brooklyn District Leader
 AND many more …

We’re proud to offer you a variety of ways to kick back with stars of Jewish and Israeli art, culture, and entertainment.

Enjoy live entertainment with singers, musicians, live bands and more each day and night              

World Class Entertainment 

  Dudu Fisher     World famous musical sensation and Broadway star (Israel)
   Zlata Radzolina Renowned award-winning composer and singer (Israel)
   Moish            Rising star on the Jewish music scene

  •  About Chamah:

Chamah is a non-profit international Russian Jewish organization operating in the United States, Israel and Russia. It was founded in 1952 in the underground of the former Soviet Union. The programs Chamah has been successfully operating for over sixty years foster Jewish pride and identity among Russian Jews and help enhance the lives of the elderly and needy.

  • About Crowne Plaza Hotel:

We want you to relax in luxury -  Crown Plaza Hotel has everything you need to make this weekend of learning feel like the vacation you’ve been needing for a while. With steam rooms, saunas, and fully equipped gorgeous rooms to choose from, enjoy your stay at the Crowne Plaza Stamford where your comfort is our top priority.

Please visit or for more information on our facilities.

  • About the Transportation:

Round-trip transportation from four locations will be provided for $25 per person

  • Do You Have Questions?

We would love to help out! Please e-mail and we’ll get back to you shortl