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LEBEDINOE OZERO and BELOSNEZHKA Ballet Tickets at 40% Off!

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Russian Ballet Theater “Choreographic Miniatures” (St. Petersburg, Russia) and RAY Ballet Theater (NY) Present:


            1) SWAN LAKE Ballet Tickets at 40% Off!

          Sun, Dec. 7,  6 PM; Master Theater, Brooklyn

           2) SNOW WHITE Ballet Tickets at 40% Off!

          Sun, Dec. 7, 1 PM; Master Theater, Brooklyn


Tickets as low as $10.50! Choose from several options!


Master Theater (Brooklyn)

1029 Brighton Beach Ave,
Brooklyn, NY 11235

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Introducing the “Russian Ballet” project, involving “Choreographic Miniatures” from St. Petersburg and New York-based RAY Ballet Theater!

  • About the Deal:

 1) SWAN LAKE Ballet Tickets at 40% Off!

Sun, Dec. 7, 6 PM; Master Theater, Brooklyn

2) SNOW WHITE Ballet Tickets at 40% Off!

Sun, Dec. 7, 1 PM; Master Theater, Brooklyn

  • About SWAN LAKE:

SWAN LAKE is one of the world’s most known Russian ballets. The new stage version of the Choreography by Petipa and Ivanov to the music by Tchaikovsky made this ballet brighter and understandable even for small children.

The dances have been specifically staged for this version of the ballet. They are based on the choreography and staging of two well-known Moscow choreographers, A.Gorskiy and V.Burmeyster.  

  • SWAN LAKE on YouTube:



SNOW WHITE  is the ballet for kids 3 years and older staged after the fairy tale by Brothers Grimm. This story has been captivating all kids for several centuries. The original joyful choreography and production by T. Petrova and V. Kuramshin is decorated by picturesque costumes and  accompanied by splendid by Massenet, Dvorak, Saint-Saens and Offenbach.

You will fall in love with the charming characters of this ballet, full of joy and kindness, performed by young ballet stars, the winners of international competitions. For the small theater-goers, it’s a perfect introduction into the world of ballet movement telling its tale through the language of gestures. The course of the performance is narrated by the text of the fairytale to make the events on stage comprehensible for small children.

  • Snow White on YouTube:


  • About St. Petersburg’s Choreographic Miniatures Theater:

Led by V. Kuramshin, the ballet was established in 1994. Vladislav Kuramshin is a graduate of the Leningrad Academic Choreography school (now – Vaganova Ballet School). He was the ballet dancer of the Kirov (Mariinsky) theater, as well as the soloist of the ballet theatre, “Choreographic Miniatures.”

The Ballet school is a unique institution, because children start their professional ballet education here from 5-6 years, and by 10-11 years our pupils achieve such success that they can perform the most difficult elements of classical choreography, such as 32 fouettes, the golden standard of ballet technique. The school is a private educational institution, an alternative to the St. Petersburg’s Vaganova school.

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  • About Russian American Youth (RAY) Theater:

Founded by New York American Russian Children Home Foundation (ARChH), the Russian American Youth (RAY) Theater is the first repertoire theater in the United States   created to perform for children and youth and by children and youth.

These performances are produced to give children at different age the flavor of high quality dance, music and singing performances staged by professionals  and presented by talented young dancers, singers and musicians, many of whom are the winners of the international competitions.

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 Please bring this voucher to Master Theater within 1 hour of the performance. You will exchange it for the ticket in your seating category.

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