PEPELA Restaurant at 50% Off! The Only Georgian Restaurant in Manhattan!

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  • Can buy multiple vouchers for yourself/gifts
  • One voucher per table of 1-5 people
  • Two vouchers per table of 6 people +
  • Cannot be combined with other offers
  • Please make reservation: (212) 658-1115
  • Expiration date: September 1, 2013


$50 for Food and Drinks at Pepela Restaurant ($100 Value)

  • Authentic Georgian cuisine
  • Convenient Manhattan location
  • New addition to Manhattan’s Russian restaurant scene


Pepela Restaurant
(212) 658-1118

104 East 30th Street,
New York, NY 10016

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Everyone is buzzing about the one and only Georgian restaurant in the heart of Manhattan! It features dishes one would find in Tbilisi and offers unmatched hospitality!

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Pepela!

  • About the Deal:

$50 for Food and Drinks at Pepela Restaurant ($100 Value)

  • About Pepela Georgian Restaurant:

Pepela Restaurant features traditional Georgian cuisine and is situated between Rose Hill and the Flatiron District in Manhattan. The posh maisonette features an area for cocktails upstairs while downstairs offers comfortable dining and entertainment.

With a variety of fish, vegetable and light meat dishes, Pepela presents you with one of the finest cuisines in New York City. Sophisticated and charming, Pepela offers patrons a warm welcome and experience that is sure to bring them back.

  • Excerpts from the Menu:


- Pepela Salad
Mixed greens with pomegranate dressing and fresh oranges served with grilled shrimp and parmesan cheese on top.

- Georgian Salad
Organic tomatoes, cucumbers, fresh greens tossed in mint sauce and served over a bed of mixed greens​

- Chicken Baje (Satsivi)
Grilled chicken breast with traditional Georgian walnut sauce.

- Eggplant Rolls
Traditional Georgian walnut paste rolled in thinly sliced grilled eggplant.
- Gebjalia
Suluguni cheese rolled with minced fresh mint leaves.

- Chvishtari
Baked patty made of corn flower, suluguni cheese and eggs.

- Kubdari
Round meat pie with ground beef baked inside thin dough

- Khachapuri
Legendary Georgian Baked Flat Cheese Bread

- Soko Ketze
Champignons baked with suluguni cheese.

- Lobio Kotanshi
Red beans with Georgian spices served in individual pots

- Chikhirtma Soup
Yogurt-based soup with cilantro, fresh greens and chicken breast.

- Chakhokhbili Chicken
Grilled chicken filet with traditional Georgian vegetable sauce made with tomato, onion, cilantro, parsley and dill prepared with Georgian spices, served with rice.

- Ochahuri
Pieces of veal pan fried with potatoes, tomatoes, and fresh greens

​- Lamb Chops
3 lamb chops prepared with Georgian spices, served with grilled eggplant, red pepper, onion, tomato. traditional Georgian tomato sauce on the side.​

- Filet Mignon
Prime cut of beef served with home style fries or stewed vegetables. In Red Wine or Creamy Mushroom Sauce

- Buglama of Salmon
Pan fried pieces of salmon cooked with tomatoes, fresh greens and white wine served with rice and olives

  • What Others Are Saying:

- New York’s premier Georgian restaurant, specializing in exceptional Georgian cuisine with a healthy flair. Black Tie International Magazine

- Got that classic garish pre-Soviet Russianness of a shady steel tycoon’s Crimean summer manse. And here’s the early intelligence… UrbanDaddy

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