FREE Voucher: Summer Program Discounts at Thinking Tree

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  • One voucher per child, per program
  • All offers valid only for the first month
  • Cannot be combined with other offers
  • Expiration date: August 1, 2013

Call today to learn more: (718) 872-6767


With this FREE Voucher: Save on Three Summer Programs!

  • Jump Ahead Program (Save $75 per month)
  • Gifted and Talented Program (Save $50 per month)
  • Specialized High School Prep Program (Save $50 per month)

~Each program runs for two months!


Thinking Tree Learning Center
(718) 872-6767

2620 East 18th Street, Suite #2
Brooklyn, NY 11235

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  • About the Deal:

With this FREE Voucher: Save on Three Summer Programs!

- Jump Ahead Program (Save $75 per month, $360 full value)
- Gifted and Talented (Save $50 per month, $175 full value)
- Specialized High School Prep (Save $50 per month, $360 full value)

~Each program runs for two months!

  • About Jump Ahead Program:

Keep their brains thinking this summer! This program will focus on preparing students with concepts they will learn in their upcoming school year! Additionally, it gets them familiar with the Department of Education’s Common Core Standards.

The program will be held 3 times a week for 2 hours a day. Each day of this program will focus on a new subject. Whether it is Math, ELA or Science, students will be engaged in fun activities that promote learning. In addition to learning the necessary science topics for each student’s grade standards, the Jump Ahead program will conduct fun and educational science experiments. The program will begin July 1st.

  • About Gifted and Talented Program:

This program is designed to build a foundation for the Gifted & Talented program. An intellectually stimulating environment is set up to engage children in learning. This foundation will help children focus on their test-taking habits when it’s crunch time and test prep begins in the fall. This program will be held twice a week. One hour on Tuesday and two hours on Saturday morning. The program will begin on June 1st.

  • About Specialized High School Prep:

“Specialized High School Prep” (SHSAT) classes will begin this summer on July 1st. The SHSAT is taken at the end of October for all NYC 8th grade students. If students have not yet started to prepare for this exam, the beginning of their summer break is the perfect time. The Learning Tree center will provide the necessary tutoring needed on subjects that will be on the exam. Furthermore, it will also focus on teaching students the necessary test-taking skills, such as time management and the assurance that they clearly understand the directions given.

  • About Learning Tree:

At Thinking Tree, experienced tutors work with kids aged kindergarten through 12th grade in any academic area. The tutors work to build a relationship with each student while still keeping a professional atmosphere in which to enhance the learning experience. They conduct private sessions that optimize learning skills, as well as group tutoring sessions that focus on the group as a whole and help to foster social skills in the process.

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